ALCS2008 Project Assignment announced!

English version: Candidates should complete one of the following project assignments.

Title 1: Joint School Essay Writing Competition

In an essay writing competition, there are a number of topics.

  • Students of participating schools can be an essay writer, a reviewer, or both.
  • Each student can submit not more than one essay for each topic.
  • Each essay is reviewed by a group of reviewers, but the essay writer and the corresponding reviewers should not come from the same school.
  • A reviewer can specify a priority list of topics for preference.
  • The number of essays assigned to each reviewer should be roughly the same.

Candidates are required to design an online essay submission and evaluation system by

  • designing a network infrastructure
  • designing a database schema
  • writing a program/program segment for the essay assignment to reviewers

Title 2: Packet Switching Network Simulation

Packet transmission in a packet switching network is commonly used in modern data communications and networking.

Candidates are required to simulate packet transmission in a packet switching network by

  • designing the structure of a packet and a mechanism of packet transmission
  • designing the infrastructure of a packet switching network
  • writing a program/program segment to simulate packet transmission

In a simulation,

  • a message is divided into a number of packets to be sent
  • packets may be sent or redirected to all possible routes in a packet switch node
  • a packet that never reaches the destination should be abandoned (e.g. a packet that is transmitted in a network as a loop)

The following is an example of the infrastructure of a packet switching network with 13 packet switch nodes. The table shows the routes for different destinations from Node A.ALCS2008 Project Assignment Title 2


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